Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

There’s a Mouse in the House!

on November 14, 2012

While getting ready for a Halloween session, I thought I saw evidence of a mouse in our basement. They’ve been living comfortably in our garage for years with the understanding that they will NOT enter the house. The little nibbles I saw on the edge of my St. Patrick’s Day hat headband made me wonder, but then I’m pretty lame about putting my things away so it may have been left in the garage where things are fair game. I let it slide and pretty much forgot about it…until last week.

Thursday I was frantically packing for a trip home to Cleveland to help my mom with my grandma when I found Cheerios in my basket of running socks. We’re not talking one or two which may have gotten there by being stuck on my feet when I threw them in the wash or some other bizarre explanation for why a few bits of cereal would be there. We’re talking about several handfulls. I found the box we had in storage and sure enough, there was a good size mouse hole in the side of the bag.

I was in a rush so I called Mr Grumpy to ask him to get some traps on his way home from work. His first response was that it could have been the dog. Cuddles loves Cheerios. She will cry, paw, beg, and do just about anything to get them. This was not her. If it was I would have only found an empty box and not some squirreled away for a rainy day (she’s smart, but not THAT smart). He finally agreed to pick some up and put the traps out.

Sunday, he calls me at my mom’s to ask where he should buy the traps. Ummm…the hardware store would be fine. Or any store for that matter. When I talked to him later he let me know that he got some good sticky ones and we should get the mouse soon. I got home Sunday night and they were still in the box. He stayed home Monday. Still in the box. When I got home from work I announced that they were NOT catching mice in the box and took them downstairs to set them out.

Yesterday I was home sick. The dog was with the groomer when I heard animal screaming from the basement. I sent a text to Mr Grumpy telling him that I think we got the mouse but I was too sick to check (honest, I was…but I would have made him do it anyway). When he got home he went down to check on the traps. He can only find three. I set out four. Somewhere in our basement is a mouse wearing a peanut butter scented sticky trap. Maybe like a hat. Or like carrying a mousy surfboard. I don’t know if I really want to find out!


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