Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Socks, pants, and pumpkin bread french toast

on November 17, 2012

Mr Grumpy and I had a meeting at 10 this morning.  At 8 he said “let’s go to breakfast” and I said “OK”.

We went to a little diner in town (pumpkin bread French toast-good thing I have a long run tomorrow morning to burn those babies off).

The people in the booth next to us got up to leave and I noticed that the high school aged boy had a sock in his pants. Now I’ll admit that I’m a little naive, but that seemed odd. I turned to Mr Grumpy and asked him about it.

Me: Um, OK. I know where girls put socks, but where do boys put them.

MG: What?

Me: When girls want a little “more” they stick them in their bra. Where do boys put them.

(I should mention here that Mr Grumpy only has a brother and went to an all boy’s school. Girl talk is a little foreign to him. Good thing I went to public high school).

MG: Why?

Me: Because the kid sitting behind you has one in the BACK of his pants.

MG: (blank stare followed by a spin in his seat to see what I’m talking about). I don’t see anything.

Me: LOOK! It’s hanging out the back like a little tail! Oh, never mind he put on his jacket and you missed it.

Figures. That way Mr Grumpy couldn’t see and therefore thought I was nuts (like usual). Seriously though, is this a new fashion thing that I’m missing out on (not that I haven’t had socks stuck to my pants before, but I think that’s a little different) or is he just confused about where socks go? Bizarre!


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