Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Novels, Bibles, and Thrift Stores

on November 28, 2012

I feel I need to start this post with a nerd alert. There’s going to be some seriously nerdy stuff later. You’ve been warned!

I LOVE thrifting. It’s not that I’m cheap (OK. It’s TOTALLY because I’m cheap), I just LOVE a good bargain. Last week I had a few minutes between clients so I stopped in at a giant thrift store which my friends have been talking about. I wandered the aisles looking for treasures. When I got to the book section I took a little extra time to see if there were some fabulous reads for me to take home. I drifted to religion/spirituality and found this book (note-this is where the nerd part really begins):

This novel was tucked in between several copies of the Bible. It kind of made me snicker because this is NOT a religious or spiritual text. While it is about a minister and his missionary work in Africa I don’t really think it belongs under religion and CERTAINLY not with the Bibles. I’m not saying that their staff is not literate, but it CLEARLY states “a novel” under the title. Some people just don’t pay attention!

OK. Nerd moment over. If you haven’t read The Poisonwood Bible I’d recommend it. It was a little slow at the beginning but it really is a good book.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Again, I may have been a little premature in my statement of being a reformed geek….


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