Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

They’re SEWING badges for crying out loud!

on November 30, 2012

Mr Grumpy and I are wanna be political junkies. We walk our precinct, work the booth at the county fair, and walk in parades as we can. Labor Day weekend we walked with a congressional candidate in a local parade. For some reason they had us park about a mile and a half (OK maybe not quite that far, but it sure felt like it) from the start and the finish line was about three miles from where we parked (not the world’s best planning. At least there was a shuttle…if you walked the half mile to that. We got our work out that day for certain!). As a bonus there was an art festival and junk food at the end. Mr Grumpy was happy about the food. Not so much about the art fair (he did let me run through, but I knew I was already on borrowed time).

While walking to the start we came upon some Girl Scouts. Being a former Girl Scout I took the extra time we had to get where we were going to check out the badges and patches on the girls’ vests (we had sashes. These vests look SO MUCH less annoying). As I’m looking, I notice that the first girl had her badge s stapled on. When I looked closer I saw she “earned” her sewing badge. And it was STAPLED on. A SEWING BADGE! I was disturbed, made a comment under my breath to Mr Grumpy (who was already annoyed that I signed him up for yet another parade so he ignored me), and kept walking. I saw some more scouts ahead so I kind of stalked them for a while trying to get a glimpse of their badges and THEY WERE STAPLED TOO! The shame! The injustice!

I mentioned it to my congressman. He said he’d see what he could do about it and then promptly lost the election (OK, like two months later, but you get the idea). So. Not. Helpful.

Juliette Low is rolling over in her grave!


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