Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Run, Run, Santa!

on December 2, 2012

In what appears to be a tradition of holiday themed runs this year, I participated in the Santa Hustle 5K (or something like that) yesterday. Santa Hustle

If you look really closely, I’m way in the back. To the left. Near the Port-a-Potties. In a Santa suit. What? You can’t find me in the 8,450 Santas that participated? Ridiculous! Honestly, the only way I found the friend I was running with was by her super neon shoes. Without them I would have been walking home (she was my ride)!

It was FANTASTIC for people watching. There was a guy who ran with a cardboard sleigh and convinced eight of his friends to “pull” him as their reindeer! They were tethered together for the entire race. They were quick too. I didn’t even get a picture!

There were also several of these.


And even a few of these.


Mr Grumpy stayed home so I went with my chiropractor and her family. It’s always a good idea to run with someone who can “fix it” when you’re done doing something stupid! They had cookie and candy stations along the course as well as water. While I didn’t grab a cookie at mile one I did grab a cup of M&Ms at mile two. Of course I didn’t EAT them (see my previous post about sweets and running as to why. Yuck.), but I did run the final mile (or so) carrying a cup full of candy!

Santa Hustle or ZZ Top? You be the judge!

Santa Hustle or ZZ Top? You be the judge!

I totally forgot my jingle bells which I had planned on wearing to help get people in the holiday spirit, or get out of my way, which ever worked. Considering how sick I was all week, I’m taking it as a victory that I got there with clothes on!

Over all, other than it being a little short of an actual 5K (which my sickly lungs appreciated) it was a fun run. Oh, yeah, and being beaten be a 93 year old by almost 10 minutes. Other than that; good times!


Next stop? Disney! Stay tuned for crazy details on our first Disney running adventure (in one of Mr Grumpy’s least favorite places on Earth)!


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