Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Crazy Vacation Post: Merry…hack, hack, hack, Christmas!

on January 2, 2013

OK I KNOW this is over a week late, but I’m catching up on a crazy week without wi-fi. Hang with me. We’re almost there!

Ugh. Did I mention that my in-laws rearranged their travel plans so they could be with us for the holidays? Yeah. Not exactly my plan for the week. We did agree to do Christmas dinner with them. They were making lamb (Mr Grumpy’s favorite) and I figured we might as well go.

Mr Grumpy checked in with them earlier in the day to double check our plans. Our nieces were sick with some upper respiratory/cold thing. Our nephew and one of the nieces was throwing up earlier in the week. Mr Grumpy’s brother had been throwing up for two days. The mom wasn’t due to arrive until later on Christmas Day and she was sick as well. Awesome. Can’t wait.

We went over and stayed mainly in the dining room area of her mom’s small condo. The nieces and nephews were obsessed with the TV and the brother was in a bedroom possibly dying. The kids are nice, but are not so good on covering their mouths when they cough. Which doesn’t really matter, until I’m sitting right next to them. Hack. Hack. Hack.

The next morning we went to pick up the mom. More hacking. In a closed space. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We met the rest of the “fam” for lunch. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We went to see one of the tourist spots in the area. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We drove an hour away with the mom. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We drove home in a snow storm with the mom. Hack Hack. Hack.

We all went out to dinner. Hack. Hack. Hack.

The mom went to urgent care the next day because of her cold. Needless to say, I’m following every Old Wives trick in the book to avoid getting sick as well. Merry Christmas to me…not (hack, hack)!


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