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Crazy Vacation Post: Scenic Train Ride

on January 4, 2013

As the highlight of our trip (and the whole reason for that crazy time-share presentation) I figured I should dedicate one full post to the train ride. We started the day meeting a friend of Mr Grumpy’s from elementary school (seriously. The man has friends from kindergarten. I have one from second grade on facebook, but we really haven’t spoken since I was no longer cool which would have been about fifth grade. Maybe I’m cool now! Er…or not). He was nice and I didn’t experience any of my normal “have I just said something stupid? If so I should try to fix it by talking more until I fix it or just make it worse so I stop and try to blend in to my chair so they can forget about me” situations. I hate when that happens.

We had a little time so we picked up some postcards to mail home (and become the good children/grandchildren again). Luckily the resort was willing to mail them and I didn’t need to find a post office.

We go to the train depot (not a station. I’m not sure I know the difference, but obviously there was one) a little before our “check-in” time which was a full hour before departure. Mr Grumpy was certain it was so we’d buy something in the gift shop (which we did), but I told him it was so we could take care of what we needed before boarding. We walked around, took some pictures, and checked out the crowd to make sure that we weren’t the youngest people on board (we were close, but not quite).

At quarter to they allowed us to board. We were in first class (which meant that we had nice leather sofas, coffee tables, and little tables were we could sit and snack or visit). They had beverages for us (water for free and others at cost) and snacks. Nothing super exciting (sandwiches, salad, a relish tray, cookies, chips, and chicken wings), but good enough to keep us satisfied during the four hour trip. We settled in and got ready to depart.

The trip out was full of interesting history, identification of rock formations, limited wildlife (two golden eagles and two bald eagles), and strange sites (like guys rock climbing up a cliff, kayakers flipping us off, a woman on a horse with her dog-the dog wasn’t on the horse, just near by). We were seated in a car with a family who was having a mini-reunion and were drinking sufficiently for it (which was increasingly obvious as the trip continued). The sound track which accompanied the trip was every single train song known to man (although I don’t remember hearing I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. I’ll have to call them about that). For me, it was completely distracting. Obviously, it was for the family reunion too as they started singing along on the way back. Poorly. But entertainingly!

Between cars were “open air” cars which allowed passengers to sit outside and view more while on our trip. Mr Grumpy spent most of his time there. I have a comfortable temperature zone of about four degrees so I stepped out long enough to see what all of the fuss was about and then retreated to our nice warm car.

Overall, it was an outstanding trip. Not too much excitement, but an enjoyable four hours together!
View of the engine from our car.

View of the engine from our car.

View on the way home.

View on the way home.


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