Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Pre-Marathon Panic!

on January 6, 2013

You may or may not know that I am running my first marathon next weekend. I decided over the summer that I was ready, convinced Mr Grumpy (which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be), and forked over a good amount of money for the privilege of running 26.2 miles. I found a training program I liked, printed it out, figured out my shoe schedule (can’t have them too new or two old for the race), and got to work.

My first several long runs went great. OK. My first 17 was a little rough, but I was getting over a cold. It makes breathing difficult. I got to my 20 miler (the gold standard of marathon prep) and felt a twinge in my left hamstring. Dang! I stopped to stretch around mile 11 and things only felt worse. It was my coldest run to date and was freezing so Mr Grumpy was at the 11.5 mile mark with more clothes. I took a break, stretched some more, and decided to head for home to rest my leg rather than push on.

As someone with a history of injuries while running, I’ve learned to listen to my body. I took a few weeks “off” to focus on shorter runs, stretching, strength work, and resting. I tried some longer runs in between with little success. I finally got back out about a month ago and cranked out 14 decent miles. Hooray! The following week I got through 16 cold, wet miles before I decided to call it a day and head for home. I thought about pushing to the magic 20, but couldn’t feel my face and could wring water out of every piece of clothing I was wearing. My time was good and on pace for where I wanted to be. I felt good. I might be able to do this after all!

The following week we left for vacation. I had a run planned, but between travel, a monster headache, and an achy leg I decided to take the week to hike and participate in other exercise. I did some stretching and enjoyed letting my leg heal a little more.

My in-laws kindly gave me some kind of upper respiratory ick while I saw them on vacation so breathing without running has been a challenge this week. Breathing while running has been a whole different story. I put in 8 on New Year’s Day after taking some cough syrup. With codeine. Not the best plan (I didn’t realize it had codeine in it until it was too late). Let’s just say that has NOT been added to my marathon day strategy.

To make things more crazy I checked the weather for race day. Here I was thinking it would be a comfortable 40-50 degrees in January. In Florida. No such luck. 81! Yikes! Last week it was 10 when I was running. I can’t even imagine what 81 will feel like let alone how to adjust to it! Yikes!

Like I said. Mild first marathon panic going on here today. Luckily Mr Grumpy scheduled us for massages this afternoon and my leg was actually not achy this morning (this may be a first in several months). Stretching and strength work for me again today while I wait for the lungs to catch up. YEAHHH!!!!


One response to “Pre-Marathon Panic!

  1. I have my first marathon in less than a month. I can start to sense little “self-doubts” creeping into my psyche. I can see why the half marathons are becoming so popular. Training for a marathon is a huge commitment. Good luck with yours.

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