Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Interview Jitters

on February 3, 2013

I had an interview on Tuesday. It’s not my first, but I’d love for it to be my last. I’m a competent professional. I speak at national conferences with ease. I present at state and regional conferences on a regular basis. I talk to parents, potential clients, and students about what I do all the time. With no problem. Competently. Honest.

I get into an interview situation and you’d think I hit my head on the way in. My hands shake like a leaf. My voice quavers. When I sing, I sound like a nanny goat. I can’t find my words. I stumble through my explanations of things. I find myself fidgeting, using my hands WAY too much to emphasize my point, and letting my ADHD flag fly wildly. Ugh!

This may be a little different. I’ve worked with students from this school in the past. The teaching technique they want to use, while new to them, is not to me. I finally feel like I have something to offer them that they want. This is different to past interviews where I have felt like they had something that I wanted. Here’s hoping it makes all the difference. That and my topic is something I just taught at a different facility with a little tweak to meet their needs.

Maybe the planets will align for me this time. A girl can hope!


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