Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

Back in the Saddle…er…the Treadmill Again!

on February 18, 2013

So it’s been a month since I finished the Walt Disney World Marathon. It is also one month until my next half marathon. It has been s…l…o…w…going getting myself back into a regular running routine. I had “tweaked” my hamstring during marathon training so I decided to take some time off to focus on strength work and let my leg heal. My goal yesterday was 4-5 miles. I made it 3 before I decided that I had other things to do. Seriously, this is why I shouldn’t run on the treadmill. It is WAY too easy to get off and do something else. Like grade papers. Or clean something. Or do ANYTHING other than run and go nowhere. I could have gone outside, but I didn’t feel like putting on all of those clothes for about an hour of work. It appears to be the problem with distance runners. If we’re going to put on all of those running clothes and tape up our knee (or any other body part that needs a little more support), it had better be worth it. Maybe next weekend will be more interested in running outside. Or I’ll just watch more Hot Fuzz with the trivia track and give my treadmill the workout it deserves!


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