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To Run or Not To Run, That is THE Question

on February 19, 2013

So today is the day. Opening registration for the Chicago Marathon. It will most likely sell out by the time I go to bed tonight so I need to decide in the next four-five hours if I am going to brave the distance again (when I adamantly said that I would NEVER be doing this again while gimping my way back to the car after Disney). My friends (who have never run a marathon) are going to do it and when it comes to races I am a sucker for peer pressure (see, not caving with drugs or alcohol or other crazy things in high school or college pays of by caving to peer pressure for crazy things like this when you’re an adult).

Part of me wants to run Chicago. It’s flat. The weather is usually not optimal (which I already know so I can sort of be prepared). I know the landmarks and other quirky places along the route. Mr Grumpy knows the city so he could find more places to stop and cheer than last time. I have a new water resistant fuel belt so my phone won’t fitz out along the way. I could do this.

Part of me says it’s too soon. My leg is just starting to feel back to normal. Training during the summer is difficult (although the fountains are on so I don’t have to obsess about water quite so much). There is a shorter required finish time (I finished just over the limit for Disney and was barely ahead of where they were pulling people off the course). Granted, I have more time to train (if I start now) and could do some speed work to get that up, but it would have to be a significant change to meet the requirement.

I don’t know. I hate when I’m so wishy-washy about races. Maybe I’ll wait for Mr Grumpy to get up and let him decide. It’s my usual course of action when I don’t know what I want to do about something. Then again, he doesn’t have to run it. Sigh. I’ll get back to you later about the final decision!


2 responses to “To Run or Not To Run, That is THE Question

  1. I would want to, but $175 is too much for a race! But I consider it every year

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