Confessions of a Reformed Marching Band Geek

And the Answer Is….

on February 21, 2013


Mr Grumpy and I had talked about it during the week and he was all “if you want to run it, that will be fine”. When I talked to my friends they were all “it will be awesome! We could train together. It will be awesome”. When I talked to my chiropractor she was all “um, is that what you really want to do?” I was completely torn. Part of my brain was totally in. It would be great to run 26.2 in Chicago. It would be great to run with my friends. It would be great to have a cheering section larger than one person. It would be great.

Except for the training in the summer. I seem to have a very narrow temperature comfort zone. Ask Mr Grumpy. He’s pretty sure it’s only two degrees. I’m sure it has to be AT LEAST five. He’s so grumpy! Anyway, while the drinking fountains are available in the summer (they shut them off during the winter so they don’t freeze. This was a serious issue while training for Disney because I would spend every mile OBSESSED about where I was going to refill my water), it wasn’t enough to convince me that summer marathon training was something I wanted to do this year.

All of that being said, I may still train with my friends and either volunteer at the race like I usually do (I work the mile 3 water station with a local running group. We have to be there early, but it’s totally worth the loss of sleep) or be a part of the Whiskey Runners Cheering Squad (that’s the name of our little group. We don’t really drink whiskey. We drink coffee, but Coffee Runners just sounded wrong on so many levels).

So no Chicago Marathon for me this year. Unless I have non-registration regret and I decide to run for a charity. I’m sure someone would let me trudge through the marathon for a little fundraising if I really want to be there. As of right now, that’s not really settling in. Now to find some awesome half marathons to use that $175 (plus all of the marathon wear I would have purchased at the expo) I saved!


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