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Seriously. It’s a Mermaid.

I was feeling like being a good wife last night so I took Mr Grumpy for a fish fry (one of his favorite Friday activities). We thought about sharing a dessert, but decided that they didn’t have anything we wanted so we went to Starbucks instead (have you tried their cheesecake brownies? Fantastic).

I don’t usually sit at Starbucks. I’m either there working or grabbing some liquid awesome for the road. Tonight we decided to sit and enjoy our little treat rather than take it home. I was looking at their lit logo in the front window. That’s when this conversation occurred.

Me: Do you think those are her arms or her fins?

Mr Grumpy: What are you talking about?

Me: The chick on the Starbucks logo. Are her arms fins or does she just have a strange split tail fin?

Mr Grumpy: It’s just waves like the ocean. She’s not part fish.

Me: Sure she is (as I jump up to show him where her fins are). LOOK!

Mr Grumpy: No there’s a crown…

Me: AND FINS. Duh. Look at her!

Mr Grumpy: You’re weird.

Me: She’s totally a bipodal mermaid!

Mr Grumpy: That’s not even a word.

Me: Sure. She has two fins rather than one. Like us. We have two feet.

Mr Grumpy: You mean bipedal.

Me: Exactly! A bipedal mermaid.

Mr Grumpy just laughed and gave me a kiss. See? This is why he loves me!

Totally borrowed from AT HER. SHE'S A MERMAID!

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