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Crazy Vacation Post: Finally Free!

So after two days with the family, Mr Grumpy finally got tired of me throwing a hissy fit every morning, flopping myself around, refusing to go, threatening to say what I REALLY think instead of putting on my good-girl facade… or he just wanted to get our day started before mid-afternoon and told his family that we were going to explore on our own on Thursday. Hooray!

We drove up to Jerome, AZ (which for some reason I keep calling by the wrong name). It used to be a mining town, then was a ghost town, and now is a little artist nook. We aren’t really artsy, but thought it sounded like fun. Jerome is tucked up in the side of a mountain so there was a lot of walking on an incline all day. One of our biggest challenges on vacation was that almost NOTHING opened before 10:00 every morning. We are early birds. We like to get up, get out, and get back early. We are not a couple who eats dinner late (we aren’t elderly, but we do like eating early if there’s a deal. Don’t judge us. We’re cheep) or stays up all hours of the night. I start dragging by about 9:00 every evening and am in bed if Mr Grumpy isn’t home. But I digress.

We got to Jerome around 9:30 that morning so we found a winery that was serving awesome coffee (Caduceus Cellars) and loitered on some comfy couches while we waited for the rest of the shops to open. We found a charming kaleidoscope shop (Nellie Bly), a quirky artist or two, and a hot sauce shop that can make your mouth numb for weeks (we shipped a box home).

My favorite find is this little sculpture we purchased from an artist selling her creations in the park. Too cute!

10100_4018097527172_523214613_nWe ate a quick and yummy lunch and visited an old mine shaft on our way back into town to check out some other little shops.
Oh yeah. How could I forget Mr Grumpy’s favorite part? So I mentioned a while ago that he has this thing about Big Foot, but I don’t remember if I mentioned that he also loves shows about ghost hunters and aliens (all of which made Arizona a perfect vacation spot for him). In Jerome is a hotel which was previously a hospital (according to the chamber of commerce, only six people died while it was being built) which, of course, had a psychiatric wing and is supposedly haunted. He honestly couldn’t wait to get up there. It was the first thing he mentioned when we got there, what he mentioned to EVERY shop keeper along the way, and all he could talk about until we got him up to the hotel. He was obsessed! We didn’t see anything, but there is a weird vibe to the building (not as strong as another one we were in, but weird all the same). They let us walk around the first floor (which is super tiny) and invited us to have lunch there (which we decided against). Kind of a let down after all of the hype. Mr Grumpy has decided that the next time we go to the Sedona area we are going to stay there for the night. Great. I don’t see a lot of sleeping going on in a haunted hotel!
Anyway, we enjoyed our free day. It was nice to just walk and look at things even if I had to hear about ghosts all day! Yay us!
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Crazy Vacation Post: Merry…hack, hack, hack, Christmas!

OK I KNOW this is over a week late, but I’m catching up on a crazy week without wi-fi. Hang with me. We’re almost there!

Ugh. Did I mention that my in-laws rearranged their travel plans so they could be with us for the holidays? Yeah. Not exactly my plan for the week. We did agree to do Christmas dinner with them. They were making lamb (Mr Grumpy’s favorite) and I figured we might as well go.

Mr Grumpy checked in with them earlier in the day to double check our plans. Our nieces were sick with some upper respiratory/cold thing. Our nephew and one of the nieces was throwing up earlier in the week. Mr Grumpy’s brother had been throwing up for two days. The mom wasn’t due to arrive until later on Christmas Day and she was sick as well. Awesome. Can’t wait.

We went over and stayed mainly in the dining room area of her mom’s small condo. The nieces and nephews were obsessed with the TV and the brother was in a bedroom possibly dying. The kids are nice, but are not so good on covering their mouths when they cough. Which doesn’t really matter, until I’m sitting right next to them. Hack. Hack. Hack.

The next morning we went to pick up the mom. More hacking. In a closed space. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We met the rest of the “fam” for lunch. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We went to see one of the tourist spots in the area. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We drove an hour away with the mom. Hack. Hack. Hack.

We drove home in a snow storm with the mom. Hack Hack. Hack.

We all went out to dinner. Hack. Hack. Hack.

The mom went to urgent care the next day because of her cold. Needless to say, I’m following every Old Wives trick in the book to avoid getting sick as well. Merry Christmas to me…not (hack, hack)!

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Crazy Vacation Post: What? No free wi-fi?!

Sigh. Why does vacation need to be such a giant pain in the tushie? I was all set to post a bunch of travel/family crazy for you all week while I was gone, but the resort we were staying at CHARGED for wifi. I love you all (all six readers), but I’m a little too cheep to pay for internet access all week. I thought I’d find a hot spot (there HAS to be a Starbucks in town, right? Not really. Unless you count the one in the grocery store. Which I don’t.), but no such luck. I figured you deserved better than what I could type on my phone. You are totally welcome!

Here’s a little vacation background before I launch into a series of posts which WOULD have been shared in real time if the stupid resort wasn’t so stingy.

Mr Grumpy and I always take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. Both of our offices are closed so it’s not like we make a huge choice about this. Every year we drive home to Ohio to struggle to balance our time between our families (who thought that it was better to have both families in the same area? Oh  yeah, that was me. I think I’ve changed my mind) and not lose our minds. We don’t usually succeed. This year we decided to use that time to take advantage of our vacation club and get out of Dodge for the week. Time together. Time to chill. Time without family. Brilliant, right? Well, wait before you answer that one.

We told our families about our plans early so they had plenty of time to adjust to the thought of us not being there for the holidays. Mine was generally OK (grandma is still working on eternal guilt for ruining the holidays, but I shipped her some nice new nightgowns and a pretty postcard so I redeemed myself. A little. Maybe.). Mr Grumpy’s…well, they had a different plan. Turns out his sister-in-law’s mom lives in the same area so they altered their travel plans to be there the same week as us. And bring his mom. Kind of defeating the purpose of us getting out of town. Great.

Needless to say, this was the beginning of vacation adventures (or misadventures…depending on your outlook). Be prepared for virtual vacation slide shows (and other tales of crazy)!

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