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Super Bowl Crazy Talk

OK. So I have two degrees in music. It makes me a little more picky about my musical selections at sporting events. In a facebook conversation about Sunday’s halftime show, we launched into a debate about the best concerts we’ve attended. Here are ours.

Billy Joel. The first time I went to see Billy Joel in concert I went with my mom. It was kind of the part of the deal to get to go. She’s not really a fan (she only listens to Classical or Easy Listening type music) but went all the same. The second time I went with Mr Grumpy. It was a joint concert with Elton John (who we like fine, but didn’t appreciate live. Too much pomp for us). It was on Billy Joel’s birthday which would make me want to have an easy evening. He said “you paid a lot to be here and I want to make sure you get your money’s worth” and he did. It was awesome!

The Barenaked Ladies. I thought we’d only seen them once, but Mr Grumpy reminded me that we saw them as part of a Christmas show as well. Who else makes up songs about the audience on the spot? It really feels like you’re hanging out with them and sharing some music. How great is that?

Weird Al. The first time I saw Weird Al was when I was in high school. The marching band went as a field trip (No joke. We didn’t have enough money for traditional band camp so we made up our own at home and went to the concert as a consolation. Totally worth it). This was the height of “Like a Surgeon” and “Eat It” so it was awesome. The second time I went with Mr Grumpy. Still awesome for me, but I think he began to wonder about his judgement in marrying me a little during the show.

Huey Lewis and the News. OK. This one comes with some explanation. The first time we saw Huey Lewis was with Chicago. Chicago was OK, but Huey was fantastic. They were having a great time and we were too. Mr Grumpy and I saw them again last year and it was not the same show. He was there to promote his “new” album (which had been out for quite a while and wasn’t that good), but we really weren’t happy until he sang the old stuff. He left out some favorites which made us sad. It could have been a great show. We were also the youngest people in the audience if you didn’t include the kids who came with their grandparents. There’s something wrong with 50 year old women screaming and storming the stage for Huey Lewis if you know what I mean.

Mr Grumpy is telling me that I need to mention Styx, The Who, and Peter Gabriel in this list. I told him it was about what I thought was an awesome concert and he told me I don’t know anything about good music. Jerk. Since then he has added Better Than Ezra and Tragically Hip. They might have been fine, but they performed in venues which make me nervous. I’m just not cool being someplace where I’m not sure I could get out if there was a fire. And where drunk people touch me. And where I stick to the floor.

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