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Crazy Vacation Post: At last…home!

Our trip home was way less eventful than the one to Arizona. Our tickets were good and had the right names on them (the travel agent fixed that during the week for us). We returned a dirtier rental car than we picked up and we figured out how to pack all of our treasures and not mail more boxes back. We didn’t get to sit next to each other on the plane, but considering we both had books it was OK. A cab arrived quickly to get us and broke a few land speed records to get us home in no time!

The first thing we noticed was that two of the three lights we left on were off. Our cleaning lady is really nice about helping us with that…sigh. Beyond that, everything seemed fine. No one decided to surprise us and power clean/organize our house, but nothing was missing either so I guess that’s OK.

Sunday we got up and started plotting how we were going to break the psycho-mutt out of puppy jail (OK, she wasn’t in puppy jail-she was with our awesome vet. They just don’t have Sunday pick-up). We spend the day lounging, getting some little things done (like starting this series), and relaxing. Nice day, but weird without the dog.

Monday Mr Grumpy had to go to work, but I still had the day off. I had this huge plan of going for a run, going to the store for groceries, and then picking up the dog so we can snuggle all afternoon until he came home. Yeah. That was the plan. I was distracted by some paperwork which needed to be done in the morning so no run. I figured I’d do my favorite stretching video (too much sitting while traveling), get groceries, and get the dog, but then I thought that I should check with the vet to find out when they close for New Year’s Eve. Yikes! Noon! Better run.

I grabbed a quick shower, put on my running shoes, and walked over to free the pooch. I took her collar so I didn’t have to use one of their temporary leashes and put our credit card in my pocket so I could just pay and go! When I got there they gave me my instructions (she had her teeth cleaned and a lump removed from her hip so we needed to watch the licking and give her an antibiotic twice a day) and the bill. No sweat. Did I need one of those cone collars? Nope. We still had one from her last surgery. It was only $25 more than I expected (and prepared Mr Grumpy for). Hooray!

They brought the psycho-mutt out and she would not sit still. I tried to get her collar on and she wiggled around so I couldn’t hook it. After a few minutes of the tech trying to help I gave up and decided to take her home on the temporary leash. I thanked everyone for their help as she dragged me to the door.

It was a good thing I wore my running shoes because she SPRINTED home. She made one little stop in the neighbor’s yard (good thing I brought bags) and one in ours (who cares) before zipping to the back door and begging to come in. I figured the groceries could wait a little longer and we could spend some quality time together. No such luck. She paced around the house crying. I thought she might be looking for Mr Grumpy, but when she found her toy hippo she seemed to be better. We played catch for a little while, but then she was back to crying. A quick walk around the neighborhood seemed to help a little, but it wasn’t getting any work done. We cuddled on the bed for a while before I decided that I should get out the cone of shame so I could go to the store. I couldn’t find it. As soon as I stopped touching her she really started to go to town with the licking. Ugh! Where is that danged collar?

Well, I couldn’t find the collar and didn’t want her licking so I called the vet and ran over for a new one. $20 later I came home with a new cone. I put it on and she immediately flipped her wicked little tongue over the edge and started licking her scar. Ugh! Another trip to the vet for a bigger cone and we were pretty much set to go!

After a little nap and some grocery shopping we were home before Mr Grumpy. She flew into his arms when he walked in the door. She really loves him! That evening I heard her licking again. She figured out how to hook the edge of the collar on her hip so she could push the scar area closer to her tongue. I don’t know if I should be annoyed or impressed!

The stitches come out Monday…if we can make it that long!

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